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Pindahman cares for you

We deliver to your doorsteps despite the distance. 

       In Pindahman, we are committed in bringing the people the best delivery solution to cater to their daily needs.

As East Malaysians, we would always encounter delivery issues due to our geographical location which is surrounded by mountains. Issues such as deliveries delay and unavailable doorstep collection service are common in East Malaysia as location like mountain rural areas are hard to be tracked precisely. 

Hence, Pindahman is here to solve the rural areas delivery difficulties as well as providing two-ways logistic services between urban and rural areas! 


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Cater your delivery needs

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Set Delivery Route

Here's how it works


Pick a vehicle

Select a delivery vehicle according to your delivery needs. We provide a wide range of vehicles from motorcycle to 10 tonne lorry, skylift, tow truck and disposal bin truck.

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