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1. Does the driver help with the moving?

It depends. If you have not chosen manpower service, the driver will only drive and will not help with carrying your items from the premise (house, office, shop, etc.) to the lorry. He WILL help with sorting and arranging your items onto the vehicle however.


2. What will the movers do if I select manpower service?

The manpower, depending on the number of people you choose, will be the driver and possibly an assistant that he brings along. They will help you to carry your items from the premise (house, office, shop, etc.), load, secure your items into the vehicle, and unload at drop off.

However, there are certain tasks that are not included in the manpower service such as packing, dismantling of electrical or any appliances that require certified individuals (e.g. air conditioning, water heater, wiring and piping) and permit application to move in/move out from both pickup or delivery premises.

3. Does the 4x4 Pickup vehicle type offer any additional services?

Our 4x4 pickup service is the most basic service we offer, whereby the driver will only drive and provide the space in his vehicle for you to transport your items. Services such as manpower, wrapping and furniture assembly are not offered and can only be selected if you choose van or lorry. He WILL however, be able to help with sorting and arranging your item(s) onto the vehicle.

4. Do you have packing service?

Our standard service does not include packing service. If you wish to get a packing service for your moving, please inquire our Customer Service and we will help arrange a different package for you. However, do note that we only provide manpower to pack your belongings. (Materials will need to be prepared fully by user)

5. How do you calculate the price? (per item base? Trip base? Per day base?)

Our pricing is divided into 3 parts, vehicle type price, distance price and additional services price. Distance price is calculated based on distance from point to point.

Additional service price is the charges for additional services that you may add on for your booking, numbers of manpower and insurance requirement. The type of vehicle chosen also adds to the overall price.

Hence, the total price per booking will be vehicle type + distance + additional services, and will be on a per trip basis. So, if your booking requires additional trips, it will be added on top of the original booking price for the first trip. Because all of our standard service is per trip basis, we do not offer our standard service on per day basis.

6. I only need movers to help with carrying my items, not a whole lorry. Can you provide that?

If you want to only hire movers (only manpower) to move your items without booking a lorry, please contact our Customer Service as it is not offered under our standard services.

Do note that due to limitation such as location, job scope and type of items, we cannot guarantee that we can provide the service.


7. Do you offer service to dispose unwanted items?​

Yes, we do provide disposal service. There are 3 types of disposal truck used for disposal (3 tonne, 8 tonne and 10 tonne) and they will come with manpower to assist the carrying/loading/unloading of the items.

Our disposal service needs to be booked at least a week in advance. Please inquire us if you are unsure that your unwanted items can be disposed by us.


8. Can I rent a lorry without any driver? I can drive one myself.

Sadly, you cannot. We do not own any of the vehicles provided as they are owned by the operators themselves.


9. What else is included in your vehicle charge? (fuel/toll)

Our vehicle charge is inclusive of fuel charges. Toll fee is not included in the total amount.


10. What are the list of items that are not permitted to be transported using your service?

There are a number of prohibited items per Pindahman services. The following cases are specifically prohibited:

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO CARRIAGE OF ANY PERSON in cargo compartment for any distance or reason ever.

  2. ABSOLUTELY NO CARRIAGE OF ANY ANIMAL in cargo compartment for any distance or reason ever.

  3. Items of EXTRAORDINARY VALUE or items that are irreplaceable are strongly discourage not be moved via Pindahman in order to decrease further dispute issues.

  4. NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS to be carried including, and is not limited to: Explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, poisonous or infectious substances, radioactive material, corrosives.

  5. NO firearms, ammunition or other explosive materials.

  6. NO illegal goods.

  7. Mover does not hold out to transport jewelleries, objects d’art, currency, documents items of unusual value or rare metals.

  8. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.


11. Moving in/out will require approval permit. Will it be handled by you?


We do not handle any application of approval permits. Approval permit application to move in/out from both pickup or delivery premises needs to be handled on your side. This includes any deposit or fee that is required by the management to be paid for moving in/out of the premises. We do not handle any application for permit or paying for deposit or fee on the customer’s behalf.


12. What is your coverage area?

Our coverage area Sabah, Sarawak and the Central Region (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor) of Peninsular Malaysia. We do provide our services to other regions of the peninsular, but it will depend on availability. Do check with us in advance for availability among the coverage area.


13. Are there any hidden charges other than the one stated on my booking details?

We strive to be as transparent on our pricing as we can, therefore the price quoted on our website or mobile app will exactly be the price you will pay.

However, additional charges may occur if any additional service is requested (which is not pre-booked) or added during moving day.

Do note also, that additional charges may apply for factors beyond Pindahman’s control, such as but not limited to: Additional trips, loading wait times, special requests and other unexpected barriers to loading or unloading that may or may not have been communicated to Pindahman.

(Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.)

14. Can I ship only one or two items?

Firstly, depending on the size of your items, you can book a motorcycle, sedan car, 4x4 pickup truck or small/big van as a more suitably-sized transport vehicle for one or two items only. You can also choose to delivery your item by choosing our “shared car” service (several individual cargos combine into one shipment) if you are not in a hurry and considered to have a more cost effective alternative.

15. Am I required to pay for any deposit?

For our standard service, you are not required to pay any form of deposit.


16. Why is there a change to my booking price?

If your booking price has increased, it could be related to one of the following:

  1. Change in the pick-up and/or drop off location of your move

  2. Change in your move date/time that makes it an Express Booking instead of Normal booking.

  3. Change in vehicle type than previously booked.

  4. Building type chosen during booking does not reflect the actual location (i.e. Booking says 2nd floor and above with lift, but actually 2nd floor and above without lift).

  5. Items cannot be loaded or unloaded at the location due to certain obstacle beyond our control.

  6. Cancelling your booking without adequate notice

  7. Adding/removing additional services during the move

  8. Adding additional pick-up and/or drop off location

  9. Your move requires additional trip(s) to complete

  10. Using more cargo space than quoted than you expected to use (i.e. booked for 1 tonne lorry but fully use 3 tonne lorry cargo space)

  11. Should you require further explanation regarding the change to your booking price, please contact our Customer Service and provide your booking number.

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