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Pindahman's News Update

03 Dec 2022

Pindahman providing job opportunities to the people in the event of KARNIVAL KERJAYA dan KEUSAHAWAN 2022 in SK LAPASAN 


A donation from Pindahman CEO - Mr Calvin Chong was donated to S.K Lapasan during the Karnival Kerjaya dated 3.12.2022.

Mr Calvin Chong believed that education is best delivered under a comfortable environment and complete facilities.

Pindahman wishes that thru small donations, we are able to help the Sabah community! And hereby, Pindahman also urges the public to join Pindahman in serving the Sabah Community!

08 Oct 2022

Pindahman providing job opportunities to the people in the event of KARNIVAL KERJAYA

In the midst of post-covid season, our society face a great unemployement rate in every industry. Pindahman would like to make an effort to help the society by opening up the job opportunities to the people! Pindahman has participated in the Karnival Kerjaya Event which is held by PERKESO. Together, let's build a better Sabah.

From days of discussions, planning, continuos changes on details, and the excited sleepless nights for a better representation of Pindahman to the people of Sabah, our hard works have paid off! Yesterday event was a great success thanks to each and every one from Pindahman team. Without any one of you, this event will not work out to its best. Thanks to the crowd who come to show us loves and support. It encourages Pindahman to be more determined on our vision and mission - to help the society, provide job opportunities and to create a better Sabah!

A very great honor to have met with YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji bin Noor and Special thanks to JPSM and PERKESO in supporting Pindahman and providing helps throughout this event.

Pindahman will not stop growing! We have faith that together with all Sabahan united. We can bring a better Sabah. Sabah Maju Jaya!


9 Sept 2021 

Pindahman team has successfully get into the TOP 10 in Dream Factory Startup Competition! 

With months of hardwork, Pindahman Team has successfully get into the TOP 10! We are grateful for our team who gave their best in each part of the project in order to make our pitching session goes smoothly. Together we serve the community and connect the people of the Borneo to start this history making journey, building a better Borneo!


31 Oct 2020 

Pindahman team wanted to help out the community with all we can during this pandemic.

Pindahman CEO, Mr Calvin donated Auto sanitiser racks to Shan Tao Primary School and KK High School as a courtesy of Covid prevention support.

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