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General Information

1. Does Pindahman do delivery for merchants?

Yes! We help businesses of all sizes with fast and hassle free delivery. We help you in scaling your business needs based on slow and busy periods which allows you manage your deliveries easily with Pindahman. 

2. Is there any requirement to become Pindahman merchant partnered?

There are no requirement to join the big family! As long as you are running a business and looking for help on delivery services as well as expanding your business, you are already more than qualified! 

3. What can Pindahman provide me to boost my business?

Reduce Expenses on Business


By delivering with Pindahman, you are free from financial commitment such as vehicle maintenance, fuel, employee paychecks on delivery. We provide your business the certainty in helping you from having a hassle delivery while cutting down your operational cost!

Save Your Time In Confirming Each Orders Status 


With Pindahman, you can save up your time to conform your order status with drivers one by one as we help you keep track with you order systematically. You can always track any of your orders in our APP with our Real Time Tracking System!

Multi-stop Integration


Save more on your delivery cost by placing mutli-stop delivery in one order! We provide hassle free delivery in one-click!

General Info

Business & Corporate Account

1. How do I sign up as a corporate merchant partnered?

Join us as our corporate merchant partnered by signing up here.

2. Will Pindahman issue order receipts? How will they be issued?

Yes. Upon registration, your business email will be collected from us and we will issue every order receipt to the following email address each time when you completed an order. Besides, for corporate merchant, monthly statement will be sent to you every month end to keep things organised for your team.

Making An Order

Making An Order

1. Will I receive an update when my order is completed?

Yes. We will send out an e-receipt email as a proof of delivery. Hence, you will get the latest update on your order and confirmation when your recipient has received the delivery.

2. What happen if my goods are damaged during delivery progress?

We are sorry if your order did not complete smoothly. Please contact our customer service for further assist.

3. Is there anything that can't be delivered with Pindahman?

Yes, unfortunately, we do not deliver passengers, pets or animals. Besides, prohibited items such as chemicals, unsecured flammable objects or item which could endanger the safety and well-being or our driver-partners are unable to be delivered by Pindahman too. Please reach out to us if you have any enquiries on item deliverance.



1. What payment method does Pindahman provides?

We accept cash, online banking and credit cards payments. However, upon signing up as our corporate merchant partnered, we will provide monthly statements for you every month end that sums up all your credit payments.

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