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1. Will I get a receipt for the payment I made?

Our system will automatically send you a payment summary to your registered email after payment is done and an official receipt will be generated to you on the same day once your moving is completed. Do contact our customer service if you have not received the receipt and we will resend it to you. Should you have any request regarding the receipt or requested invoice e.g. bill under company name, let us know and we will gladly help you with your request.


2. If I have any problem on moving day, who should I contact?

You can contact our customer service, 011- 6256 8338 and our on-duty Customer Service Executive will assist you with any problems you may encounter. Should you are unable to contact our hotline number, you can reach us through our web chat on our website OR email us at Drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


3. Who are the drivers? Can they be trusted?

We at Pindahman understand that the customer’s trust and confidence in us is very important. As such, all drivers and movers are required to be registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM), and we keep record of all their relevant documents such as company registration certification, lorry grant, and driver’s license. They will also need to go through our registration, briefing process and also training sessions before being able to become our partner. Only legitimate and verified transport companies are allowed to register with us.


4. I want a price quotation. How do I get it?

We don’t provide you with email quotation, instead our prices can be checked on our apps by:

  1. Click in our mobile app Pindahman, choose any vehicle you would like to deliver your items. (If you are unsure about the vehicle’s size to load your items, you can simply press the info button to check them up)

  2. Key in “Street address” for both pickup and delivery address and choose from the drop down list. (we use google map address, so make sure to select from the list or we won’t be able to find the address).

  3. Click “Next Step”.

  4. The next page will need you to fill in the details regarding to the date & time, weight, size, quantity, pictures, additional services, number of movers needed and insurance requirement as well as the type of payment.

  5. For the additional services section, you can add according to your needs or just leave it blank if you do not require any of the services. The price for each service will be shown directly on each row.

  6. If you add the additional services, the price for the services will be added to the total amount of your payment which will be shown at the bottom of the page.

  7. You will not be charged until you have proceeded with the order with the acceptance by one of our driver.

  8. Don't be afraid to go back and change any of the details before you confirm your booking. You may want to do this when you just want to check the price. We will only receive your booking request once you click the “Confirm order”.


5. Does the price shown include manpower? If not, how do I get the price that includes manpower?

The price shown before you click “Next step” is the price for vehicle selected and the distance between pickup and drop off address. It does not include any additional services such as manpower. To have a total payment, you will need to fill in the details regarding to your items and also select if you need any additional service, manpower and insurance. The total price will be shown at the bottom of the page after you have filled in the details.


6. Why are my calls / web chat / email left unanswered?

Oh no, we are terribly sorry for not being able to get in touch. We are either facing high volume of inbound/outbound traffic or you tried to reach us after our operation hours.

Our operation hours are from 9AM – 5PM Monday to Friday, and we are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. Do expect delays if you are trying to contact us after 5PM or during Public Holidays. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


7. I only need a lorry and a driver. Can I still place a booking?

Yes, you can. We give the flexibility to our customers to book a service that suits their needs. You can book for a lorry and a driver only without the driver having to do any loading/unloading/carry, or book for a lorry with driver and manpower to do the loading/unloading/lifting for you.


8. What is Express Booking and how is it different than Normal booking?

Normally we would arrange your order prior to the availability of drivers. However, there are times when customers would want to make an urgent booking. On those instances, we employ our Express Booking service. Here are the differences between Normal booking and Express Booking service:

  1. Users are requested to top up any amount that they are attempted to and drivers will accept the order based on their quotation of price on the trip for Express Booking.

  2. Additional service is available for Express Booking.

  3. We will not be able to guarantee vehicle availability for every Express Booking, as it is a short notice request.

  4. We will inform you via email and app should there be no available vehicle within 1 hour from the time we receive your booking.


9. I have completed my booking. What’s next?

That’s great! Thank you for booking with us. Once you have completed the booking form on our mobile app, an email containing the booking details will be sent to you for your reference.

Please keep the booking number as it will be the reference number for your booking. Once we have received your booking, we will be contacting you via telephone call or messages through our mobile app to verify your booking details.

Once your booking has been verified, we will proceed to let our system match you with any of our trusted partners that will help with your moving. The driver’s details will be sent to your email and you may contact the driver directly for further arrangements.

For Express Bookings, your booking details will be processed by our system to be matched with any of our trusted partners without us having to verify your booking. Once matched, the driver’s details will be sent to your email. However, in an instance where there is no driver available, an email will be sent to you within 1 hour to inform you, and you may decide whether to change the date and/or time.

10. Will anyone from your side contact me before the moving date?

Once your booking has been verified and a driver already assigned to you, the driver will give you a call before your moving date to coordinate. Alternatively, you may call the driver should you wish to discuss or inform additional information for your booking.

11. What are the types of vehicles you have?

We offer a wide range of vehicles that cater to moving small loose items to big bulky items. For small and loose items, you may choose motorcycle, sedan car, a 4x4 pickup truck or small/ big van. If you are moving bulky items, you can choose between a 1.5 tonne, 3 - 6 tonne, or 8 - 10 tonne lorry. The lorries we provide in our service are boxed lorries.

If you are uncertain about the capacity of lorry? You can look for more details on our website or call our Customer Service and we will help out as much as we can to assist you in finding a more suitable sized lorry for you.


12. Can I ride with the driver?

We do provide this request in our additional services section. Should you want to ride with the driver, you can simply add in this service during the order. Additional fee will be charged on. Please note that we will not be responsible for any issue/problem that might occur during transit. As an added note, the cargo space is prohibited from transporting people and animals.


13. Do the drivers drive straight through to destination?

For chartered car and moving house purposes, the drivers will drive straight to the drop off address after finish loading at pickup. As for bookings made through shared car or corporate services, the drivers will usually stop at one or multiple stops along the way to receive or complete orders which are nearby.

Make sure to plan ahead your moving date and time as some journey may require next day delivery.

14. Do I have to be at the pickup and/or delivery locations?

Yes. But in case you are booking on behalf of another party, or you are not able to be at the pickup and/or delivery address, you must give the code to your designated representative upon receiving the items as drivers will need the code as a proof that orders are completed. Do note that our company is using generated code to replace signing paper upon order completion as we are aware of the importance of social distancing and “Go green, go paperless”

If a representative is to be at location, please ensure that he/she is aware of your booking details and the services that you have chosen for the booking. This will help to avoid any confusion or delay on moving day. Also, the representative will pay on your behalf to the driver once the move is completed if the chosen payment method is Cash On Delivery (COD)

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