Pindahman, First App-based logistic platform in East Malaysia

Hello guys, welcome to Pindahman! 


Provides Two-way Delivery between Rural & Urban, from small to big & bulky items !

Pindahman provides both rural and urban area delivery.
Doesn't matter if you're delivering small, big or bulky item, in short or long distance

In Pindahman, we delivery too!

We also provide the linkage between corporates and individuals to professional drivers.
In Pindahman, we want to bring East Malaysia a better future by collaborating with the people and creating a balance ecosystem to the community.

Got fired by company or Loss your job ?

(FB ENG) 27.8.21 - Pindahman Rolling In.png
(FB ENG) 27.8.21 - Pindahman Rolling In.png

Need more income to pay debts and monthly living expenses 

During this difficult time, we know it is very susah for some to cover their monthly living expenses, their bills and debts, apa lagi kalau ada family kan ?!
Jom cari Pindahman lah!
Join us as our partnered-driver and earn your income ! 

What you only need is you driving license and your vehicle only !

Why Join Pindahman as Partnered-Driver?

Earn Extra Income 

Earn extra income anytime, anywhere without further job commitment. 

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Everyone can become our partnered-driver

Any car model is acceptable to start your journey in Pindahman!

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Benefits of Partnered-Driver


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