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Become Pindahman Partnered Driver

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Join Us As One Of Our Driver

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Why Join Pindahman as Partnered-Driver?

Earn Extra Income 

Earn extra income anytime, anywhere without further job commitment. 

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Everyone can become our partnered-driver

Any car model is acceptable to start your journey in Pindahman!

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Benefits of Partnered-Driver

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Start Your Arising Journey in East Malaysia Where You Call Home

One aim in East Malaysian heart, is to bring East Malaysia one step further to a better future!

Together with Pindahman, we East Malaysian will work together to create a better community to serve our motherland.

In this trying time that everyone had to face, Pindahman stands with everyone with providing an alternative income source to the affected merchants or drivers. We are putting a lending hand to each other, to build a better Malaysia.

Let's go on a ride together in this history-making journey with Pindahman!

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Know More About Us

Partnered Driver

Deliver at your preferred time and location while earning extra income by being your own boss with Pindahman!

Corporate Driver

Increase revenue by filling up cart on your way back. No more empty cart, but more sales coming in! Earn extra income and cover your operation cost for your business.

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