Lost your job or need an extra income ?
You're in the right place la!
Let us tell you the good news come!

(FB ENG) 27.8.21 - Pindahman Rolling In.png
(FB ENG) 27.8.21 - Pindahman Rolling In.png

This pandemic really impacts our economy real bad❗️😖
Have you or people around facing difficulties like
salary reduction or direct goreng sotong 😱 😵
Is your income💰 enough to cover living expenses ah❓

Don't you worry ba❗️ We are here for you ❗️😇
Now you only need

A mobile phone 📱 with 4G data,
Your driving license,
Your vehicle
  🚲 🚗 🚙 🚐 🚛 🚚

Then you can start getting money 💰
into your pocket already
Easy kan❓❗️😆

(Landscape) Rolling In for Website (3).png

Fast scroll down ⬇️ see more la 😉❗️


We present to you 
💥📢 Pindahman 📢💥

You might ask: Har, what is that❓❓😦
House moving🏠 🚚 company is it ❓❓❓

east malaysia.png








🔊 Come let us give you a brief idea❗️

Pindahman is the first 📱 APP-based logistic platform
East Malaysia.
We provide deliveries between
City 🌇 and Rural Areas 🏡.

So when you otw up 🚙 to kundasang for holiday,
you can also deliver
🚙 📦 📦 and earn money 💰💰💰 otw ba❗️
Super syok kan❓❗️

Steady 😎 
We let you earn money

as easy as ABC ❗️

- Pindahman

Eh, fast la tell me how
to earn money

- You

Nah, don't say we didn't tell you 😏,

if you met the requirement below,
you can join us as partnered-driver already ❗️

😎❗️Steady bom bi bi lah ❗️😎

✅ 1️⃣8️⃣ years old and above
✅ owned a mobile phone 📱 with 4G data
owned a vehicle 🚲 🚗 🚛 🚚 🚐

Fuiyohh, so easy lea ❗️
What if I already have a full time
💼 job
Still can join ah 😯❓

- You

Relax ah 😎 
don't fix your time❗️
Be your own boss and decide when to start working ba❗️

- Pindahman

As long as you want to earn money 💰💰
When also can become your best time to earn money 😆❗️

Like when?
OTW home from work 💼  
Going for roadtrip 🚗 also can ba ❗️ 

Just open the APP and start accepting job ❗️ 
Easy as ABC kan

Most importantly ❗️ ❗️ ❗️ 
We have NO restriction on who can join us ❗️ 
We mean it
Anyone can join us and start earning ❗️ 

(Landscape) Rolling In for Website (2).png

Wah, best sekali, I want to join lea!
my vehicle quite old can or not oh

- You

Aiya don't worry 😎 
don't limit on your vehicle age❗️
As long as can deliver then can start delivering ❗️

- Pindahman

Sedan Car.png
Sedan Car.png

Last question❗️
Is it by monthly payment
ah the income 

- You

No lah ❗️😂  
pay by weekly term❗️

- Pindahman

Trust us when we said: 

" We definitely understand
how hard is it
to hang on until the next month
Income Payment  😫 😭 ❗️❗️"

So we confirm won't do the same one 😆❗️ 
Steady bom bi bi la ~ 😎




​We already have 1000 pre-registered partnered driver lo ❗️

Still waiting for what oh❓❓
Faster pre-register 📝 with us la❗️😆

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