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1. How do I make a booking?


You can make a booking the same way you would check our pricing. The only difference is that you need to proceed the payment by choosing your payment method (COD or Online Payment: Visa/ Master). Follow these steps to start booking with us:

  1. Click in our app Pindahman, choose any vehicle you would like to deliver your items. (If you are unsure about the vehicle’s size to load your items, you can simply press the info button to check them up)

  2. Key in “Street address” for both pickup and delivery address and choose from the drop down list. (we use google map address, so make sure to select from the list or we won’t be able to find the address).

  3. Click “Next Step”.

  4. The next page will need you to fill in the details regarding to the date & time, weight, size, quantity, pictures, additional services, number of movers needed and insurance requirement as well as the type of payment.

  5. For the additional services section, you can add according to your needs or just leave it blank if you do not require any of the services. The price for each service will be shown directly on each row.

  6. If you add the additional services, the price for the services will be added to the total amount of your payment which will be shown at the bottom of the page.

  7. You will not be charged until you have proceeded with the order with the acceptance by one of our driver.

  8. Don't be afraid to go back and change any of the details before you confirm your booking. You may want to do this when you just want to check the price. We will only receive your booking request once you click the “Confirm order


2. I keyed in my address and the drop down list doesn’t appear / error saying “Please insert a specific address”. How do I proceed?


Our address system adheres to Google Maps API so only the address that appear in Google Maps search will show in the drop down list. If you encounter this, try to Google your address first and look for the format it appears in the Google Maps search.

Use that format in our address bar. If the address does not appear in Google Maps, you can enter any landmark near your address that would appear in Google Map in our address bar. Later, you may add the full address in our “Additional Remark” section within the booking process.

3.What are the payment methods accepted?

We accept both Cash On Delivery (COD) and Online payment for any Normal Booking.

Moreover, for online payment, you can pay via credit card/debit card/direct transfer which can be chosen when you are redirected to our payment merchant page.

We currently do not accept payment by cheque to our company bank account unless a special arrangement is made with the approval of our Account Department prior to the moving date.


4.I have last minute changes for my booking. Can I change the booking details?

Yes, you can. You can contact us by email / web chat / phone call to inform the changes that you wish to make. Just provide your booking number so that we can amend accordingly and send the new booking details to you. However, for change of address, services or moving date, the booking price may change according to the changes you made. We will only proceed once you agree with the new pricing.


5.I need to cancel my booking. What’s your cancellation policy?

For “order now”, cancellation made within 10 minutes after order accepted will not be charged; cancellation made after 10 minutes after order accepted will be charged for 50% deduction on full order amount.

For “schedule order”, cancellation made within 30 minutes after order accepted will not be charged; cancellation made after 30 minutes after order accepted will be charged for 50% deduction on full order amount.

Amount will be deducted in the user’s E-wallet and user will need to clear off the amount before placing second order.

Should you make any last minute cancellation, especially when the transport already arrived at the location, a cancellation fee of 50% from the booking total price or RM200 (whichever is lower) will be applicable. Cancellation fee may also be applicable but not limited to the following circumstances:

  1. If the mover already arrived discovers, through communication with the customer, that the customer’s items are not eligible for moving due to, but not limited to, items under the “TRANSPORT AND GOODS LIMITATIONS” list on our Terms & Conditions.

  2. Items that exceed the dimension limit and/or incorrect information provided by the customer that make the moving process unable to proceed.

  3. Illegal items such as illicit drugs, firearms, and weapons.


6. What happen if I require additional trips?

In case on moving day you discover that your items would not be able to fit and moved in one trip, and that you require multiple trips, please inform us so that we may calculate for you the additional trip charge.

As our service is per trip basis, any additional trip charge will be based on the original booking price. To avoid last minute additional charges, please ensure that you chose the suitable vehicle type and services or contact our customer service for advice on which vehicle and services to choose.


7. What if I want to request for additional pickup/drop off ?

If you have multiple pickup or drop off, you can add additional locations by clicking “Add Location” button on the first page on ordering details. The price quote will update automatically. Should you already made a booking but you want to add another pick-up/drop off location, please contact us via email / web chat / phone call and provide your booking number. We will update your booking details and send it to you. Your booking will only proceed once you agree with the changes.

8. How do I know what type of vehicle to choose?

We do provide details and suggestions on what to fit in each vehicles on our website under “Our Trucks & Team” and in our mobile app “Info button”. Do contact us via email / web chat / our customer service, we will help in recommending a suitable vehicle and services for you to choose.


9. How do I know what is my booking number?

Once you have completed your booking on our mobile app, an email will be sent to your email which you have registered with. You can find your booking number which starts with under the “Booking reference”. For any inquiry or change regarding your booking, this number will be used as the reference number.


10. What is the difference for building type?

The building type will determine the price for manpower service. So if you live on the second floor (& above) in a building without lift, there will be additional workload and working time for the movers to carry your items by stairs. Hence the higher price quote.


11. What is the deal with the pop ups for public holidays and express bookings?

Because our operation hours are only from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and we do close on Sunday and Public Holidays, the pop up serves as a reminder for you to revise your moving plan. This is to prevent hiccups during moving day. Moreover, some building management will not allow moving in or out on Sundays and Public Holidays. So make sure you plan your move suitably for convenience.

12. I need to add additional information/instruction. Where do I type it?

You may add additional information or instruction under conversation area with the driver assigned to you. We will try our best to fulfil your request within reasonable scope of your booking. Should you request for services that are not offered or appear in our booking form, please inquire our Customer Service to see whether it can be fulfilled.

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