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1. How do I start planning for my move?

Clueless on where and how to start moving? Check on our website under moving tips to give you an idea from 0 to 100 on moving.


2. Can you provide any reference on how does the lorry look like or the cargo dimension?​

You can search for our website ( under our trucks and teams to have a visual reference and we also provide a list on what can be fit in in specific type of vehicle. Same goes to our mobile app which you can find more details under the “info button”.


3. Do you have insurance or liability coverage?

We do not personally provide insurance coverage for your items. However, if you wish to have your items insured, you can make a request by ticking the insurance check box during booking. We will help to connect you with an insurance provider and you will have to pay a premium for the coverage. Please contact us should you require more information regarding insurance coverage.


4. Do you have any discount code?

We periodically announce new promotions and discount codes on our official Facebook page and mobile app. Do visit our Facebook page, to check for new discount codes and don’t forget to click the Like button and follow us!

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